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Getting Started


So, you are new to Forms Live, or maybe you just need a refresher course, well, we are here for Victoria's form and contract needs. With all the tools and customisation available it can be a little overwhelming. Let us guide you through it.

Once you have logged into Forms Live with the password generated (found in the Welcome to Forms Live email), you will want to change the password to something you can remember...something that's not a bunch of disordered numbers and letters.

Customising your account#

Let's start customising the account, click your name, located at the bottom of the navigation menu, and Account Details will pop up. Move to the User tab, where you will be able to add and edit personal information as well as confirm all your agency details, at the very bottom you can create a new password. We recommend our help guide for information on editing passwords and user details.

Don't stop there, from this tab, upload or digitally scribble a signature, make sure it is an impressive one too because it will be used on all forms that have signature stamping available, documents that only require the agent's signature - you can learn more about signature stamping here.

What's all this customisation worth without brand consistency? Moving to the Logo tab, you can click Upload and store your agency's logo in Forms Live, this will be included on all the forms generated within the platform. You can find a step-by-step for uploading an agency logo in our guide.

Adding connections#

Enough customising, let's start making connections. Forms Live integrates with various CRMs partnered so they can connect seamlessly. If you aren't seeing a particular CRM, get in touch with us here, to request an alternative.

Our current CRM integrations are found on the Connections page, click New at the very top and you will be welcomed with the whole list. Just click the CRM of choice, then Create, and a token will be generated. To connect, enter the token within the CRM. If further assistance is required, turn to our help guide on CRM integrations.

Utility providers#

Meanwhile, property managers on Forms Live can start by connecting with their current utility provider. Making connections within the platform enables managers and providers to offer utility services to renters immediately after they have signed the Residential Rental Agreement - could going the extra mile for renters be able simpler?

Our providers can be found on the Connections page, simply click Connect next to the provider of choice, fill in the details, and you will be ready to start sending out those agreements.

Now, you're free to start checking out what Forms Live really has to offer. From the Forms page, click Create and take a scroll. From this list you can fully admire all the forms and contracts you can create with us.

Creating templates#

You will likely be creating dozens of a particular form, inputting the same information over and over again, however, you would just be wasting time - we would like to introduce you to templates.

From the Templates page, you can create a form and input all the details common amongst the ones you create, then, once saved, you can create forms directly from the template - they will be generated with all that saved information, filled and ready.


Just like addresses, names, and contact details, any PDF attachments and annexures can be added and saved into templates, allowing you to do your job even quicker.

From the template in question, click More and you will have the option to upload attachments by clicking Files or include additional annexures from the Annexures option. Need a hand setting up a template? Check out our template guide.

With all that said and done, you are all set up and more than ready to take on Forms Live - go forth and create!